Abbildung Odyssey Charger
Odyssey Charger
Chargers for Odyssey batteries

Odyssey ChargerOdyssey chargers

Charges 12-volt motorcycle, starter, drive and supply batteries in pure-lead AGM design particularly quickly and gently.
Our recommendation for charging Odyssey batteries.


  • Charger from the battery manufacturer

    Odyssey chargers are optimized for Odyssey batteries with TPPL technology (Thin PLate Pure Lead with 99.99% pure lead). They provide all the features and safety features your Odyssey battery needs to last you a long time.

    Your advantage: Perfectly matched charging for your Odyssey battery.


Only suitable for pure lead AGM batteries.

  • For 12-volt motorcycle, starter, traction and supply batteries in professional and private use.
  • Easy to use and fully automatic.
  • Protection against: Reverse polarity, contact spark, short circuit.
  • Dust-tight and protected against temporary submersion (IP67).
  • Robust and compact.
  • Charge status readable via LED.
  • CE approved.


Item nr. Volt Ampere Length mm Width mm Height mm
Odyssey Ladegeräte PC-CHARGER-7


Connection voltage:230 V
Connection current:7 A
DC voltage:12 V
DC current:7 A
Size:155 x 80 x 42 mm
Weight:1,1 kg
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Odyssey Ladegeräte PC-CHARGER-17


Connection voltage:230 V
Connection current:17 A
DC voltage:12 V
DC current:17 A
Size:192 x 98 x 45 mm
Weight:1,7 kg
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Odyssey Ladegeräte PC-CHARGER-30


Connection voltage:230 V
Connection current:30 A
DC voltage:12 V
DC current:30 A
Size:192 x 98 x 45 mm
Weight:1,7 kg
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