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Although most batteries work in fundamentally the same way - they generate electricity through a chemical process - there are significant differences in their construction, the materials used and the battery technology. And depending on what they look like inside, they're suitable for different applications. Quite a few possibilities.

We make the choice easy for you. We have the right battery recommendation for every application.

intAct, the trademark

Unlike a battery manufacturer, we can react quickly to market changes or supply bottlenecks. We compile our intAct battery series for the various areas of application from batteries from the respective leading manufacturers and brands. We pay particular attention to quality and price. If possible, we offer price and performance alternatives for each application. And we choose different suppliers for complete series or individual batteries in order to offer the most suitable battery for all applications.

So that you can rely on our promise for all intAct batteries.

We make battery care simple

Batteries are wear products. They don't live indefinitely. But depending on how you handle the battery, you can also accelerate the aging process.

That's why we regularly sit down and think about what might help you. With our knowledge articles, tips & tricks videos and how-to guides, we're making you the offer to get infected by our enthusiasm for batteries. Because they're far more than a black or white box that somehow makes your car start or your cooler run. They are little laboratories in which finely tuned processes take place.

We help you look behind the scenes and take good care of them. So that you can enjoy your battery for a long time.

intAct Sponsoring

People who want to compete need ideas, courage and perseverance. And people who take part. We want to stand by them and fight alongside them as a team. We don't just give money, but above all support, exchange and community.

Of course, it's about reciprocity. Those who sponsor expect brand recognition, positive perception and visibility in the media and the industry. But it's also about achieving something together.