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Recyclable lead: infinitely reusable

With a better life cycle assessment than primary lead, secondary lead is a sought-after recyclable material. As a partner at OneCollect, almost all other metals, plastics and the acid of the lead-acid batteries we collect are also recycled and returned to the material cycle.

intAct Battery-Power

Our house brand "intAct" stands for batteries of various technologies with an ideal price-performance ratio. We guarantee consistently high quality in all areas at a fair price in line with the market and a high availability of goods.

Optima Batteries

Optima stands for robust and powerful batteries for a wide range of applications. The pure lead batteries with wound round grids guarantee a long service life and combine the advantages of a supply battery with good starting characteristics at the same time.

Odyssey Battery

The Odyssey pure lead batteries are the ideal energy supplier for the most extreme requirements. The particularly robust batteries are extremely vibration-resistant and deliver high performance even in cold conditions. They can withstand both short-term peak currents and cyclic discharges without any problems.

Exide Batteries

Exide stands for batteries for a wide range of applications and technologies in original equipment quality. These brand batteries are ideally designed for the respective applications and stand for the highest demands and reliability.

Trojan Battery Company

Trojan is the leading manufacturer with almost 100 years of experience in the field of deep cycle batteries for various drive and supply applications. The wide product range includes robust and cycle-resistant lead-acid batteries in wet, AGM, gel or lithium technology.

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So you don't have to rely on advertising promises. As a user, you normally can't see exactly what's going on in the battery. This is what experts say after they have taken a close look: