Abbildung intAct Traktion-Power PzS
Symbol: Eignung für Battery-powered cleaning machines
Symbol: Eignung für Golf Caddey
Symbol: Eignung für forklift trucks
Symbol: Eignung für Lifting platforms
Symbol: Eignung für Electric wheelchairs
Symbol Recycling efficiency 95 %
Symbol Maximum tipping angle 45º
Low-maintenance lead-acid battery with armoured plates | wet charged

intAct Traktion-Power PzS For the heaviest load

with the active material being "armoured" in tubes, it can withstand the strongest cycles without loss of capacity. Ideal for multi-shift operation or for vehicles that need to be ready for use again after very short charging times.

Our recommendation for heavy duty applications with 1,000 cycles.


  • Extremely robust

    Because of the tubular plates, this battery can withstand an extremely large number of cycles.

    Your advantage: particularly long service life.

  • Easy to install

    Your advantage: Unproblematic battery replacement thanks to standardised battery boxes in common sizes for cars and trucks.

  • Low maintenance

    Here the vent caps can be removed and you can easily check. In addition, the truck sizes can be upgraded with a water filling system.

    Your advantage: Easy prevention and maintenance, longer maintenance cycles.


  • For heavy professional cyclic use: 1,000 cycles according to IEC 254-1.
  • More cycle resistant compared to grid-plate batteries of the same case size.
  • Armour plate technology: Robust and technically mature for the heaviest loads.
  • Particularly resistant to vibration in uneven outdoor environments. Tubes protect the active material like an armour.
  • Long service life. Durable, safe and reliable.
  • 6-volt and 12-volt versions.
  • Can be equipped with water filling system to increase service intervals.
  • Low-maintenance block battery with liquid electrolyte.
Recycling efficiency 95 %
Maximum tipping angle 45º

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Battery knowledge

What does damage to the battery box indicate?
Damaged battery box If the housing is leaking, cracked or chafed, this indicates destruction by external influences. Tip: Look for a robust design in your next battery. Deformed battery case If the housing is deformed by heat, this indicates a defective …
Check battery externally before charging
If the battery box is damaged or deformed, replace the battery. Clean dirty terminals with a wire brush. Remove oils, fluids or other deposits. For batteries with plugs, check fluid level and refill to MAX with distilled water if necessary.
Every battery ages
With each charge/discharge process (cycle), active material is inevitably lost and the battery's performance declines. Once it has fallen to the point where it can no longer fulfil its purpose - e.g. start the vehicle, supply the consumers or drive the …
Care should be taken when handling batteries
Chemical processes take place in batteries. They are influenced by external circumstances such as temperature or humidity. That is why it is worth taking care. During use, storage, installation and transport. For your own protection and for the protection …
Recognising and classifying battery damage
When the battery fails, it's annoying. Sometimes it's because of a faulty battery, sometimes it's because of the way you handle it. And only cause research and precaution helps permanently. What is wrong with the battery can often be seen from the outside. …
Batteries without vent hose
Only conventional, wet batteries need a vent hose, because they gas strongly during operation. The resulting steam can escape through the openings in the plugs. To prevent the vapour from damaging the vehicle, conventional batteries are vented to the …
What is sulfation and what can you do about it?
Sulphation or sulphation is an undesirable ageing process in batteries where too much lead sulphate forms on the lead plates, which cannot be removed even with prolonged charging. The battery's capacity drops significantly, or it fails altogether. Sulfation …
What does absolutely maintenance-free mean?
Absolutely maintenance-free batteries are valve-regulated lead-acid batteries or VRLA batteries (VRLA = Valve Regulated Lead-Acid) that are sealed at the factory. Here, significantly less gas is produced than in wet batteries. The gas produced remains …
What do deposits on the battery plugs mean?
Black deposits on the plugs indicate a battery that has worn out prematurely due to continuous excessive load. Tip: Always ensure a good balance between current drain and charging. Information on capacity calculations and charging behaviour can be found …
Always choose a battery that matches the load
Depending on the type of battery, it is designed for certain loads: Starter batteries must deliver as much current as possible during the starting process. The cold start current, measured in CCA, is informative here and shows how much starting power …

What is a traction battery?

Traction batteries supply power to the electric motor in machines and vehicles. They are designed to be charged with a charger when not in use and then discharged when in use. Traction batteries are designed for this repetitive alternation between charging and discharging or cycling. Unlike starter batteries, they tolerate being repeatedly discharged to a depth of discharge of up to 80 % well due to the special composition and construction of the grids and separators. The cycle stability of a traction battery provides information on how often it can reach this depth of discharge under ideal circumstances before it is damaged.

For which application is the intAct Traktion-Power PzS suitable?

Symbol Battery-powered cleaning machinesBattery-powered cleaning machines
Floor sweepers, floor washer-dryer machines, scrubber-dryer machines
Symbol Golf CaddeyGolf Caddey
Electric golf trolleys and/or golf caddies, Golf-Garts.
Symbol forklift trucksforklift trucks
forklift trucks, lift trucks, industrial trucks,
Symbol Lifting platformsLifting platforms
For electrically operated lifting platforms, scissor lifts, telescopic lifts, trailer lifts, mast lifts, vertical life
Symbol Electric wheelchairsElectric wheelchairs
Electric wheelchairs and electric mobiles