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Our comprehensive portfolio of AGM, SLA, GEL, HVT, lithium and wet batteries covers many vehicle requirements and applications. For scooters, motorcycles, ATVs/quads, UTVs/buggies, ride-on mowers, jet skis, snowmobiles and more.
Car batteries laid the foundation for our company over 50 years ago. In the meantime, our product range extends from the classic starter battery to start-stop batteries and back-up batteries. And covers all common vehicle types. From classic cars to heavy construction or emergency vehicles.
Powerful traction performance in harmony with fast power consumption: Our range benefits from knowledge and experience from our industrial division inbatt. So that forklifts, lifting platforms, cleaning machines, wheelchairs, electric boats, recreational vehicles, and golf caddies are always up and ready.
Powerful, efficient energy storage systems are needed to operate appliances independently of the power grid or without straining the starter battery. Depending on the application, our range of supply batteries charges via solar or wind systems (camping and off-grid), via the alternator (auxiliary battery) or via the power grid (UPS).
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30 % mehr Startleistung für moderne Motorräder mit vielen elektrischen Verbrauchern, auch ABS.


12 V

12 Ah (c5)
350 A(EN)


12 Ah (c5)
350 A(EN)

Charger and battery
better as a team
Do you just want to quickly bring your motorcycle or starter battery to full charge in between? Or are you looking for a charger to supplement your traction and supply battery? We have the right chargers for users, for car workshops and dealers, for traction applications, for UPS systems and other safety systems directly available. We design and sell individual systems of batteries and chargers on request.

Battery Knowledge

What is an AGM battery?
What influence does temperature have on batteries?
How does a charger work?
In principle, the charger reverses the chemical process that provides the current output in the charged battery. To do this, it provides the battery with voltage (in volts) and current (in amps). The charge controller in the charger decides how much current …
AGM or GEL drive batteries
Drive batteries in AGM or GEL technology are sealed, absolutely maintenance-free, leak-proof batteries in a closed design with a fixed electrolyte (in fleece or gel). Both are suitable for medium to heavy cyclic use, for example in cleaning machines, …
Causal research for better purchasing decisions
Batteries age and fail. Sometimes it happens faster than you planned. If you know the cause of premature aging, you have a chance to make a more appropriate choice now: A battery that fits your technical requirements, intended use, and individual habits …
Seasonal use of drive or supply battery
Many vehicles, devices or machines are only used seasonally or on certain occasions. Ideally, your battery should be ready whenever you need it. That's why we recommend always storing batteries fully charged, at approx. 15 to 18° C and in a dry place, …
Gel motorcycle batteries
Especially for modern motorcycles with many electrical consumers and ABS, the gel batteries are intended (the acid is specified here as gel). They bring 30% more starting power than conventional batteries of the same box size with very low self-discharge, …
Removing the starter battery or motorcycle battery
If you want to remove a start-stop battery: inform the vehicle system before removal. First disconnect the negative cable (usually black), also called ground or earth, from the negative terminal of the battery. Then remove the positive cable (usually red) from the positive terminal of the battery.
Which charger for which battery type?
The most important distinction is that sealed batteries and especially lithium batteries can react extremely to the heat and overpressure during overcharging. A reliable cut-off is particularly important here. Modern fully automatic electronic chargers …
Care should be taken when handling batteries
Chemical processes take place in batteries. They are influenced by external circumstances such as temperature or humidity. That is why it is worth taking care. During use, storage, installation and transport. For your own protection and for the protection …


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Intact Juniors attacks with powerful rider line-up in Moto3 JuniorGP
intactGP JuniorGP

Intact Juniors attacks with powerful rider line-up in Moto3 JuniorGP

In addition to Jakob Rosenthaler and Leo Rammerstorfer, LIQUI MOLY Husqvarna Intact GP Junior Team welcomes Rico Salmela from Finnland to its Moto3 team in FIM JuniorGP World Championshi
Das Bild zeigt Reifenspuren im frischen Schnee

Winter is here!

Find out here what this means for your battery and how you can be optimally prepared for the cold season.
Tatsuki Suzuki makes his debut with LIQUI MOLY Husqvarna Intact GP
intactGP Moto3

Tatsuki Suzuki makes his debut with LIQUI MOLY Husqvarna Intact GP

It was an exciting first day of testing in Valencia for LIQUI MOLY Husqvarna Intact GP newcomer Tatsuki Suzuki, who had to familiarise himself not only with the new Pirelli tyres but also with the Husqvarna Moto3 machine. Collin Veijer got used to the tyres of the new Moto3 class tyre supplier, despite being in pain
Binder and Agius set course for 2024 with Valencia test
intactGP Moto2

Binder and Agius set course for 2024 with Valencia test

With a new rider pairing, the LIQUI MOLY Husqvarna Intact GP Team's Moto2 squad began preparations for the 2024 season on Monday after the Valencia Grand Prix at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit, with Darryn Binder and newcomer Senna Agius testing extensively with the two major innovations for next year - Pirelli tyres and WP suspension element
DYNAVOLT Intact GP MotoE 2024 line-up with Hector Garzo and Lukas Tulovic
intactGP MotoE

DYNAVOLT Intact GP MotoE 2024 line-up with Hector Garzo and Lukas Tulovic

The DYNAVOLT Intact GP MotoE team is pleased to announce the signing of Hector Garzo and Lukas Tulovic as the new MotoE rider pairing for 202


Icon Recycling

Recyclable material lead: infinitely reusable

With a better eco-balance than primary lead, secondary lead is a sought-after recyclable material. As a partner at OneCollect, almost all other metals, plastics and the acid of the lead-acid batteries we collect are also recycled and returned to the material cycle.

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Battery-supported power supply applications for which there is no "off-the-shelf" solution, we make individually possible - directly and without hurdles.


Many years of experience with consulting, sales and rental of batteries and battery systems with the corresponding charging technology flow into all our projects.

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If, then properly.

There are many sponsors, but we want to make a difference with our own LIQUI MOLY Husavarna Intact GP racing team. Because for us, racing is fun, challenge and reward in equal measure.

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So you don't have to rely on advertising promises. As a user, you usually can't see what's going on inside the battery. This is what experts say after they have taken a close look: