Abbildung 4Load Consumer
4Load Consumer
Chargers for closed and sealed lead-acid batteries: Flooded, GEL, AGM

4Load ConsumerMicroprocessor controlled charger

in 3 variants for different purposes. Ensures maximum battery-life and shows the state-of-charge by LEDs.
Our recommendation for occasional charging of motorcycle and starter batteries, Charge Box 0.7 also suitable for smaller supply batteries.


  • Charge Box 0.8

    For 12-volt motorcycle batteries Main charging phase, recharging phase and trickle charge Dust-tight to IP 60.
  • Charge Box 3.6

    For 12-volt motorcycle and starter batteries In addition to main charging phase, recharging phase and trickle charging, also pulse maintenance for desulphation; Charge Box 7.0 also reactivates deeply discharged batteries by 16-volt boost. Dust-tight and protected against water jets (IP65).
  • Charge Box 7.0

    For 12- and 24-volt batteries in motorcycles, cars, motorhomes, buses, agricultural machinery, boats and rehab vehicles.
    In addition to main charging phase, recharging phase and trickle charging, also pulse maintenance for desulphation and reactivation of deeply discharged batteries by 16-volt boost.
    Supplies connected consumers with 12 volts during charging thanks to the mains adapter function.
    Dust-tight and protected against water jets (IP65).


  • Fully automatic microprocessor-controlled charger.
  • Suitable for flooded, sealed 12-volt starter batteries including calcium batteries also with 14.7-volt charge voltage, sealed AGM, GEL, MF and SLA batteries and start-stop batteries, both Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) and AGM batteries.
  • Protection against: Reverse polarity, short circuit, overheating.
  • Charge status can be read off via LED.
  • Storage bag and various connection cables (battery clamps, cigarette lighter, terminal lugs).


Item nr. Volt Ampere Length mm Width mm Height mm
4Load Ladegeräte CB-0.8


Connection voltage:230 V
Connection current:0,8 A
DC voltage:12 V
DC current:0,8 A
Size:140 x 60 x 50 mm
Weight:0,55 kg
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4Load Ladegeräte CB-3.6


Connection voltage:230 V
Connection current:3,6 A
DC voltage:12 V
DC current:3,6 A
Size:182 x 60 x 42 mm
Weight:1,1 kg
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4Load Ladegeräte CB-7.0


Connection voltage:230 V
Connection current:3,5 A / 7 A
DC voltage:12/24 V
DC current:6 A
Size:200 x 80 x 50 mm
Weight:1,45 kg
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4Load Ladegeräte E-001


Accessories4-load Adapterkabel Polzange
Gewicht:0,03 kg
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4Load Ladegeräte E-002


Accessories4-load Adapterkabel Ringöse
Gewicht:0,3 kg
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4Load Ladegeräte E-003


Accessories4-load Adapterkabel Zigarettenanzünder
Gewicht:0,3 kg
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4Load Ladegeräte E-004


Accessories4-load Adapterkabel BMW-Stecker
Gewicht:0,3 kg
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