Since making his debut in the Spanish ESBK MOTO4 class in 2020, young Spanish motorcycle racer Alex Longarela has achieved impressive success and established himself as an up-and-coming talent. His remarkable performance on the race track has attracted the attention of the motorsport world and cemented his name as a promising talent.

2020: Debut and Rookie of the Year award

In 2020, Alex Longarela entered the stage of professional motorcycle racing with his debut in the Spanish ESBK MOTO4 class. Despite his young age and inexperience, he immediately attracted attention and showed impressive performances on the race track. His talent and ambitious commitment were rewarded with the Rookie of the Year award, underlining his promising start to his racing career.

2021: Triumph as champion of the ESBK MOTO4 class

The following year, 2021, Alex Longarela took another big step in his career when he won the title of champion in the ESBK MOTO4 class. His consistent performance and will to win showed his potential and ability to compete at the highest level. This triumph cemented his status as an up-and-coming talent in motorcycle racing and left the motorsport world eagerly anticipating his future successes.

The picture shows the young Spanish rider Alex Longarela.

2022 and 2023: Successes in the ESBK PreMOTO3 class

In 2022 and 2023, Alex Longarela continued his run of success and established himself as one of the top riders in the ESBK PreMOTO3 class. Although he had already achieved the title of runner-up in 2022, Alex set his sights high for the next season. His perseverance and determination paid off when he won the coveted title of champion in this class in 2023, once again proving his skills and potential.

2024: New chapter in the European Talent Cup

The year 2024 marks another step in Alex Longarela's career, as he will compete in the 2024 European Talent Cup and join the prestigious intactGP team. This exciting development offers him the opportunity to showcase his talent at international level and compete with some of the best young riders in Europe. With his goal clearly in mind, Alex explains: "I want to become the greatest MotoGP rider", and his successes to date suggest that he is on track to achieve this ambitious goal.

Future prospects

With his young age and enormous talent, Alex has all the prerequisites to make a big name for himself in the world of motorcycle racing.

Race history of Alex Longarela

Year Competition  
2020 ESBK Spanish Championship Moto4 - Debut Rookie of the Year
2021 ESBK Spanish Championship Moto4 Champion
2022 ESBK Spanish Championship PreMoto3 Total 2.
2023 ESBK Spanish Championship PreMoto3 Champion
2024 European Talent Cup