Since entering the supermoto scene, Felix Wegscheider has taken the race tracks by storm. His impressive career is reflected in numerous successes that underline not only his personal commitment but also his exceptional talent.

2013: Austrian Supermoto National Championship - A promising start

Felix Wegscheider showed great potential right at the start of his career. In 2013, he fought his way to 4th place in the Austrian Supermoto National Championship. A promising start that laid the foundation for a successful future.

2014: Austrian National Championship - S3 Juniors - Consistent performance

The 2014 season brought another remarkable performance from Wegscheider. He once again secured 4th place in the S3 Juniors category of the Austrian National Championship. His consistent performance and pursuit of excellence made him a serious competitor.

2016: Austrian National Championship - Juniors - On the podium

Another milestone in Wegscheider's career occurred in 2016 when he finished 3rd in the Austrian National Championship in the juniors category. The leap onto the podium was a significant step forward and confirmed his progress in the supermoto world.

Felix Wegscheider on his bike.

2017: Austrian national championship - the way to the top

In 2017, Felix Wegscheider continued his unstoppable rise and secured 2nd place in the Austrian National Championship. This success marked a significant milestone in his career and made people sit up and take notice.

2021: Supermoto - Italian Trophy - Reaching the top

A highlight in Wegscheider's career came in 2021, when he won the Supermoto Italian Trophy and took first place. This international recognition is testament to his talent and ability to compete at the highest level.

2022: Supermoto - Emilia Romagna, Triveneto, Tuscany - Triple triumph

The year 2022 brought a triple triumph for Felix Wegscheider. He dominated the Supermoto races in Emilia Romagna, Triveneto and Tuscany, securing first place in each and underpinning his position as the front-runner in the Supermoto scene.

2023: Supermoto - Internazionali d'Italia - Continuous success

The success story continued in 2023, when Wegscheider once again proved his class by winning the Supermoto Internazionali d'Italia. His continued success is testament not only to his talent, but also his hard work and determination.

A look into the future

Felix Wegscheider has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in Supermoto and remains a promising talent for the future. His impressive successes reflect not only his riding ability, but also his dedication and determination to reach the top time and time again. We can look forward to seeing what successes the coming years have in store for this talented South Tyrolean supermoto rider.


Racing history of Felix Wegscheider

Year Competition  
2013 Austrian Supermoto State Championship 4th place
2014 Austrian Supermoto State Championship – S3 Juniors  4th place
2016 Austrian Supermoto State Championship – Juniors  3th place
2017 Austrian National Championship  2nd place
2021 Supermoto – Italian Trophy Champion
2022 Supermoto – Emilia Romagna, Triveneto, Toscana Champion
2023 Supermoto – Internazionali d'Italia Champion