Motocross is a sport that fascinates not only with its breathtaking action, but also with the impressive careers of young talents. One of these promising young riders is Daniel Ferger, who is taking the German motocross scene by storm with his impressive performances. We take a look at his racing history and the outstanding successes that make him a promising motocross rider.

2019: Hesse/Thuringia Championship - A promising start

The year 2019 marked Daniel Ferger's entry into the motocross world when he took part in the Hesse/Thuringia Championship and achieved a respectable 5th place. This success already showed his potential and caught the attention of the motorsport community.

2020: Hesse/Thuringia championship - top 3 placings

The year 2020 was decisive for Daniel Ferger's development. His placings in the Hesse/Thuringia Championships improved significantly and he established himself as a serious contender, regularly achieving top 3 placings. This rise confirmed that Daniel was not only a promising talent, but also a serious contender for higher titles.

2021 and 2022: ADAC RLP-Saar Championship - The breakthrough

The years 2021 and 2022 can be written in Daniel Ferger's CV with further successes. In both years, he secured the coveted 1st place in the ADAC RLP-Saar Championship in the 85cc class. This impressive double success not only cemented Ferger's position as an up-and-coming talent, but also brought him into the limelight of the German motocross scene.

2023: ADAC MX national final - The pinnacle of success

The year 2023 crowned Daniel Ferger's career to date with victory in the ADAC MX national final in the 85cc class. This prestigious accolade not only confirmed Ferger's exceptional talent, but also put him on the map of Germany's most promising motocross talents.

Daniel Ferger on his motocross bike.

Outlook and future

Daniel Ferger has experienced a remarkable rise in the German motocross scene in just a few years. His successes to date promise a bright future, and fans can look forward to seeing how his career will develop. With his commitment, determination and impressive riding skills, Daniel Ferger is undoubtedly at the start of a glittering motorsport career. It remains to be seen what exciting challenges and triumphs the future holds for this up-and-coming talent.


Race history of Daniel Ferger

Year Competition  
2019 Hesse / Thuringia Championship 5th place
2020 Placements Hesse / Thuringia Championship Top 3
2021 ADAC RLP-Saar Championship, Class 85ccm 1st place
2022 ADAC RLP-Saar Championship, Class 85ccm 1st place
2023 ADAC MX national final, 85cc class 1st place