Alessio Arnold, born on November 28, 2010, discovered his passion for motorcycling at the tender age of 2 1/2. His first attempts at riding marked the beginning of a promising career characterized by ambitious goals and impressive successes.

Successes at national level

Alessio attracted attention early on in the Swiss motorcycling scene. In 2016, he achieved 7th place in the Super Moto category of the Swiss Championship in the 50 cc kids class. This was just the beginning of his impressive track record:
• 2017: 4th place - Super-Moto / Swiss-Championship - Kids / 50 ccm
• 2018: 3rd place - Super-Moto / Swiss-Championship - Kids / 50 ccm
• 2019: 1st place - Super-Moto / Swiss-Championship - Kids / 65 ccm

These successes are not only testament to Alessio's driving skills, but also to his constant development and striving for excellence.

International recognition

The breakthrough at international level came in 2020, when Alessio achieved 4th place in the Mini GP of the CNV Northern Italian Championship in the Mini GP category with 110 cc 4speed. This success laid the foundation for further highs in his career.
• 2020: 4th place - Mini GP / CNV Northern Italian Championship - Mini GP / 110 cc 4speed
• 2021: 1st place - Mini GP / CNV Northern Italian Championship - Mini GP Junior / 160 ccm

Alessio's exceptional performances in 2021 underline not only his adaptability to different categories, but also his ability to compete successfully in higher displacement classes.

Challenges and progress

The year 2022 brought new challenges when Alessio took part in the CIV Italian Championship for the first time. Despite a respectable 14th place in the Mini GP - CIV Junior / 160 cc, this competition showed that the road to the top can also be marked by setbacks. However, Alessio proved his determination to learn from every experience and to continuously improve.

Alessio Arnold in action.

Setback in the Mini GP World Series

The year 2023 began with a setback for Alessio Arnold. An accident occurred in Race 1 of the Mini GP World Series in the 190 cc CIV Junior class, knocking him out of the competition. Motorsport is not only characterized by triumph, but also requires the ability to rise again after defeats.

A promising future

Alessio Arnold may have experienced a setback, but his path so far shows that he has the potential to bounce back from such moments. His successes in the Swiss championship and internationally have made him a promising talent. The motorsport world will be watching with interest to see how this young Swiss driver's career unfolds over the coming years.

Racing history of Alessio Arnold

Year Competition  
2017 Swiss Supermoto 50 ccm 4th place
2018 Swiss Supermoto 50 ccm 3th place
2019 Swiss Supermoto 50 ccm 1st place
2020 CNV 110 ccm 4th place
2021 CNV 160 ccm 1st place
2022 CIV Junior 160 ccm – MINI GP World Series 14th place
2023 CIV Junior 190 ccm – MINI GP World Series