Abbildung Fronius Acctiva
Fronius Acctiva
Chargers for closed and sealed lead-acid batteries: Flooded, GEL, AGM

Fronius AcctivaUniversal professional charger

Charges starter batteries in professional applications with high efficiency. Supplies consumers and saves settings during updates and replacements. Suitable for all types of starter batteries.
Our recommendation for professional charging of starter batteries.


  • Acctiva Twin

    With 2 charging circuits especially suitable for emergency vehicles with starter and traction battery

    • Protection against thermal overload
  • Acctiva Flash 70A, Acctiva Prof 35, Acctiva Smart 25

    Robust, fully automatic workshop chargers for power supply during diagnosis and software updates. Protect on-board electronics and back up vehicle settings during battery changes. Powerful fast charging. Ensure the battery is fully charged and ready to start. For cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, security vehicles, construction vehicles and agricultural machinery. Acctiva Flash 70A for 12-volt batteries only, Acctiva Prof 35 and Acctiva Smart 25 for 6-volt, 12-volt and 24-volt batteries. With desulphation mode, function test for flat batteries and regeneration mode for deeply discharged batteries. With display to show charging phase, state of charge and faults. USB interface for firmware updates. Acctiva Flash 70A with IP25, Acctiva Prof 35 with IP40 horizontal/IP44 vertical, Acctiva Smart 25 with IP40.
  • Acctiva Seller

    Charger for showroom, car demonstration, vehicle premieres, vehicle handover. Charges the starter battery and safeguards the state of charge of batteries by preventing charge/discharge cycles, protecting the battery. Protects the vehicle, the onboard electronics and the battery. Compact design and silent with no fan. With detachable cables to pass through the engine compartment and mount the charger out of sight. Secure against removal and theft with Kensington Lock. IP40 horizontal, IP44 vertical.


  • Fully automatic charger with advanced high-frequency technology.
  • Suitable for flooded starter batteries including calcium, hybrid, silver batteries also with 14.7 volt charge voltage, for sealed AGM, GEL, MF and SLA batteries as well as for start-stop batteries, both Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) and AGM batteries.
  • Protection against: Reverse polarity, short circuit, overheating.
  • State of charge shown on the display.


Item nr. Volt Ampere Length mm Width mm Height mm
Fronius Acctiva ACCTIVA-TWIN


Connection voltage:230 V
Connection current:15 A
DC voltage:12/2x12/24 V
DC current:15 A
Size:247 x 162 x 88 mm
Weight:2 kg
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Fronius Acctiva ACCTIVA-PROFESS-35


Connection voltage:230 V
Connection current:0 A - 35 A
DC voltage:6/12/24 V
DC current:0-35 A
Size:247 x 162 x 88 mm
Weight:2 kg
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Connection voltage:230 V
Connection current:3 - 250 Ah, 2 - 25 A
DC voltage:6/12/24 V
DC current:0-25 A
Size:247 x 162 x 88 mm
Weight:2 kg
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Connection voltage:230 V
Connection current:30 A
DC voltage:12 V
DC current:30 A
Size:247 x 162 x 88 mm
Weight:2 kg
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