GEL technology


Supply or traction applications have very different battery requirements than starter applications. GEL batteries were developed for such cyclical applications. But the battery, in which the electrolyte is thickened to a gel-like consistency by the addition of silica, can do even more.


Much more cycle resistant and more capacity

A starter battery lasts about 300 cycles, a GEL battery up to 700, so it can be charged and discharged 700 times. Almost without wear. It can also be discharged deeper, up to about 80%. This means that it can be used for almost twice as long as a starter battery of the same size.

If neither acid nor gases are to escape

The GEL battery can be installed in any position and even if the housing is damaged, the electrolyte remains in the battery. Perfect for use on boats, or if the battery must be shipped. But you are also safe from gases. Unlike the wet battery, the gas recombination of the sealed GEL battery ensures that the electrolyte remains in the circuit of the battery. This also makes it absolutely maintenance-free.

Uniform current over the entire discharge time

The gelatinous electrolyte has a higher internal resistance than a liquid electrolyte. This ensures continuous, steady currents, but has a negative effect on starting performance.

And for once also start

Nevertheless, starter applications can be realized by combining starter battery plates and the corresponding pasting with gel-bound electrolyte. This makes particular sense for vehicles in which a lot of equipment is to be supplied with power, for example modern motorcycles with ABS.

GEL is always the appropriate choice when the battery is to be used indoors, in a motor home or food area, or when it is important that it does not leak, for example on boats.