Lithium technology

What distinguishes a lithium battery from conventional lead-acid batteries?

Like the lead-acid battery, the lithium battery is actually an accumulator, i.e. a rechargeable battery. This is where the similarities end. The structure is completely different. The best thing to do is to watch the video.

What distinguishes a lithium battery from conventional lead-acid batteries?

Use with caution

The lithium battery has a higher base voltage than a lead-acid battery and needs a special charging characteristic for charging. It must not be opened, and transport, shipping and disposal are handled by special service providers. If the precautions are observed, it is an effective power pack.

Also as starter battery for special applications

Lighter than a lead-acid battery and significantly smaller. Wherever space and weight are important, the lithium battery can score. However, its performance depends on temperature.

Fill up like water glass

The following applies here: empty is really empty and full is really full. Like a glass of water, the lithium battery can be 100% discharged and recharged. And in principle it also charges in the same way, continuously, until it is full. There is no memory effect, i.e. you can recharge at any time when it suits you.

Very many cycles, 100% capacity

Because it can withstand an almost infinite number of cycles, it is suitable for all applications in which you want to store electricity and use it at a later time. It can provide significantly more capacity than any lead-acid battery of the same size.

In the supply in the camping and hobby area, the strengths of the lithium battery are at their best. Use perfectly indoors without evaporation, charge anytime when power is available, regardless of the state of charge.