Abbildung Rolls Deep Cycle
Symbol: Eignung für Wohnmobile
Symbol: Eignung für Marine
Symbol: Eignung für wind-power plants
Symbol: Eignung für Solar applications
Symbol Recycling efficiency 95 %
Symbol Maximum tipping angle 45º
Rolls Deep Cycle
Low-maintenance lead-acid battery | reinforced grid plates

Rolls Deep CycleMore working hours, more flexibility

The robust battery for many deep discharges and changing charging currents. Perfect as a power supplier for simple consumers in the leisure sector or as a small to medium intermediate storage for solar or wind energy.

Our recommendation for those who want to run more than a small garden shed or other more demanding hobby applications.


  • Economical flooded battery: price tip

    Your advantage: With this high-quality flooded battery you can maintain a reasonable power supply at low cost.

  • Expandable

    Your advantage: By combining several batteries you have the possibility to install large capacities.

  • Very cycle resistant

    This battery brings in all variants significantly more cycles than the other grid battery types, both wet and AGM batteries.

    Your advantage: a very long-lasting battery.


  • Very high life expectancy. 700 cycles according to IEC 254-1 for heavy cyclic use.
  • Proven technology for low power applications.
  • Rugged construction with reinforced separators.
  • 6, 8 volt versions.
  • Reinforced grid plates with higher performance active material for greater reliability.
  • Lead-acid block battery. Low maintenance. Durable, safe and reliable
Recycling efficiency 95 %
Maximum tipping angle 45º

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Battery knowledge

Filling a dry pre-charged battery
Dry pre-charged batteries must be filled with battery acid and charged before installation.
Always choose a battery that matches the load
Depending on the type of battery, it is designed for certain loads: Starter batteries must deliver as much current as possible during the starting process. The cold start current, measured in CCA, is informative here and shows how much starting power …
Why should you charge wet batteries open?
Gases are produced during charging. As they rise, they mix the battery acid. It is better for the battery if it is open during this process. Important: This only applies to initial charging and to all batteries that can be opened. Never open a battery by force!
Supply batteries with armoured plates
Wet deep-cycle batteries in armoured plate or tubular plate technology are designed for the most severe loads. Due to their structure, the tubular plates used provide a larger surface area compared to grid plates and thus more active mass for the chemical …
What is a UPS battery?
These block batteries ensure the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) of POS systems or smaller computer systems as well as security systems such as locking systems or security lighting when the power grid fails. UPS systems also protect the connected loads …
Round cell supply batteries
Similar to the tank cell, the surface area is increased by "winding" the grids, resulting in a larger amount of active mass. The box size is relatively compact, so you get the benefits of a utility battery in a small space, along with good starting …
Why does this battery have such a good current draw?
Due to the AGM technology, this battery absorbs the current particularly well, i.e. it recharges faster than a conventional wet battery and you can charge it with a higher charging current or a more powerful charger, like the ? This characteristic comes …
Avoid corrosion
The plates in a battery will corrode if they are not completely covered by battery water. Reasons for corrosion Sealing damaged before filling in dry pre-charged batteries Closed, low-maintenance batteries such as the intAct Bike-Power Classic are dry …
Batteries without vent hose
Only conventional, wet batteries need a vent hose, because they gas strongly during operation. The resulting steam can escape through the openings in the plugs. To prevent the vapour from damaging the vehicle, conventional batteries are vented to the …
Causal research for better purchasing decisions
Batteries age and fail. Sometimes it happens faster than you planned. If you know the cause of premature aging, you have a chance to make a more appropriate choice now: A battery that fits your technical requirements, intended use, and individual habits …

What is a Supply Battery?

Supply batteries must provide power for as long as possible for consumers that are not connected to the regular power grid or the starter battery. Either in mobile applications, e.g. camping or in island installations such as mountain huts, or in safety applications when the normal power grid fails or to compensate for so-called mains wipers. Depending on the application, they are charged with a charger from the mains or via smaller photovoltaic or wind power systems.

So not only do they have to supply power for a long time and then take it up again well, but they also have to cope well with changing current levels and voltages.

Supply batteries are cyclic batteries, i.e. they are designed to continuously deliver current up to a maximum depth of discharge of 80% when supplying electrical consumers and then to be fully recharged again. In contrast, a starter battery delivers a short, strong current surge for starting the engine and is recharged by the alternator while driving.

Für welchen Einsatz ist die Rolls Deep Cycle geeignet?

Symbol WohnmobileWohnmobile
Wohnmobile, Caravan, Motorcaravan, Motorhome, Campingbus, Reisemobil, Alkoven, Campingfahrzeuge
Symbol MarineMarine
Boats, ships, yachts
Symbol wind-power plantswind-power plants
As a power storage for small to medium-sized wind power plants or wind turbines.
Symbol Solar applicationsSolar applications
Small to medium-sized solar systems/solar applications e.g. in camping, stand-alone operation etc.