Sealed maintenance-free lithium-iron-phosphate battery (LiFePO4)

intAct Lithium-PowerHigh-tech battery for extreme loads

A real powerhouse as a substitute for lead-acid batteries in marine, solar, motorhomes and hobby applications. Extremely low weight, stable voltage at extreme loads and highest safety.

Our recommendation for all who are looking for a lot of performance at a particularly low weight.


  • Extremely powerful

    Thanks to lithium technology, this battery has an extremely high power density and can provide its capacity up to a charge depth of almost 100% without suffering.

    Advantage: A lot of power in a very small space.

  • Ready again quickly and safely

    Lithium technology means that the battery has particularly short charging times and copes well with partial charges. The integrated balancer ensures that all cells are optimally charged and the battery does not overheat.

    Advantage: Excellent for off-grid operation.

  • Absolutely flexible

    Because there is no liquid electrolyte, this battery can be installed in any position. And because it is light thanks to lithium and does not emit any vapours, it can be installed almost anywhere, even in the interior of your camper or when every gram counts, such as on long journeys.

    Advantage: You can install it almost anywhere you want - even in the interior.


  • Secure lithium technology (LIFePO4).
  • Extremely high service life with full capacity utilization. 3,500 cycles up to 100% depth of discharge (DOD).
  • Perfect installation dimensions with DIN L5 box: L: 353 mm W: 175 mm H: 190 mm (incl. round pole H: 210 mm).
  • With screw terminals or round poles.
  • Integrated battery management system (BMS).
  • Recharges faster with a smaller PV system than a lead-acid battery of comparable capacity.
  • Very high energy density. Discharge currents of up to 250 A (short-time discharge) without voltage drop.
  • Self-discharge many times lower than conventional lead-acid or GEL batteries
  • Ready to install and ready to use.
  • Weight savings of approx. 60% compared to conventional lead-acid or GEL supply-batteries of comparable nominal capacity.
  • Sealed maintenance-free block battery
  • Suitable for 12-volt installation.
  • Protected against spray and jet water according to IP66.
  • Not suitable as starter battery.
60 % weight saving
Not suitable as starter battery
including Preaheater
Maximum tipping angle 90º

All types

intAct Lithium-Power

Battery Volt Capacity CCA Length mm Width mm Height mm Pos. of terminal Terminal
LI1200i12105 AH (c20)250 A (15 sec.)3531751900F-M6more
product image Supply Battery intAct Lithium-Power LI1200




Position of Terminal:0
Capacity:105 AH (c20)
Base plate:B13
Cold Cranking Ampere:250 A (15 sec.)
Size:353 x 175 x 190 mm

Kasten: L05
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Battery knowledge

What is a camper battery?
A supply battery used in motorhomes or campers, colloquially known as a camper battery. Typically, it is charged with stationary charging current at the RV parking lot or via a solar system, because the alternator is not sufficient to provide the necessary …
What types of supply batteries are there?
In order to withstand the stress of cyclic operation for a long time without an excessive drop in performance, the active material in supply batteries is particularly well protected. Depending on the technology used, this is done in different ways: In …
What does absolutely maintenance-free mean?
Absolutely maintenance-free batteries are valve-regulated lead-acid batteries or VRLA batteries (VRLA = Valve Regulated Lead-Acid) that are sealed at the factory. Here, significantly less gas is produced than in wet batteries. The gas produced remains …
Cleanliness pays off
To ensure proper battery function, it makes sense to keep the battery surface clean and dry. Greasy or silicone-containing dirt on the lid can hinder the flow of current. Moisture on the battery can cause a short circuit in the worst case.
What does pole growth on the battery mean?
Whitish-grey deposits on the poles, so-called "pole growth", is caused by strong sulphation on the plates. Tip: Always ensure a good state of charge.
Always choose the right battery for the application
When choosing a battery, it basically depends on what it is to be used for. The most important distinction is between starter batteries, including motorcycle batteries, and cyclic batteries such as traction or supply batteries. Starter batteries, including …
The order of disconnection and connection
The negative terminal is connected to the body, hence the name grounding. If you accidentally touch the positive terminal and the body at the same time when the negative terminal is connected, e.g. with a metallic tool, a short circuit could occur that …
Checking the battery step by step
There are many reasons for weakening or failing batteries. An important step in tracking them down is to measure the voltage with a battery tester. Here's how: 1. preparation Disconnect the battery from the vehicle, if possible remove it. Tips on how …
For plugs: Simply open them and look inside.
Low maintenance batteries have a distinct advantage: if something is wrong, you can open them and look inside. What you see will give you some clues. Warning: You can tell if the battery can be opened by the individual plugs on the top. Often these lead-acid …
Every battery ages
With each charge/discharge process (cycle), active material is inevitably lost and the battery's performance declines. Once it has fallen to the point where it can no longer fulfil its purpose - e.g. start the vehicle, supply the consumers or drive the …
Identifying and filling the liquid level
Markings on the outside of the white or transparent housing of a wet battery indicate the minimum (MIN) and maximum (MAX) fill levels. During commissioning or initial filling, the battery must be filled with battery acid up to the upper mark (MAX). During …
Avoid corrosion
The plates in a battery will corrode if they are not completely covered by battery water. Reasons for corrosion Sealing damaged before filling in dry pre-charged batteries Closed, low-maintenance batteries such as the intAct Bike-Power Classic are dry …
When liquid is lost
Fluid evaporates in batteries during the chemical reaction to generate electricity, more so in a wet battery than in an AGM or GEL battery where the acid is fixed in non-woven or as GEL respectively. Unlike these sealed batteries, the vapor in the sealed …

What is a Supply Battery?

Supply batteries must provide power for as long as possible for consumers that are not connected to the regular power grid or the starter battery. Either in mobile applications, e.g. camping or in island installations such as mountain huts, or in safety applications when the normal power grid fails or to compensate for so-called mains wipers. Depending on the application, they are charged with a charger from the mains or via smaller photovoltaic or wind power systems.

So not only do they have to supply power for a long time and then take it up again well, but they also have to cope well with changing current levels and voltages.

Supply batteries are cyclic batteries, i.e. they are designed to continuously deliver current up to a maximum depth of discharge of 80% when supplying electrical consumers and then to be fully recharged again. In contrast, a starter battery delivers a short, strong current surge for starting the engine and is recharged by the alternator while driving.

Maintenance and Care

Absolutely maintenance-free batteries are valve-regulated lead-acid batteries or VRLA batteries (VRLA = Valve Regulated Lead-Acid) that are sealed at the factory. Here, significantly less gas is produced than in wet batteries. The gas produced remains in the circuit of the battery due to gas recombination. As a result, these batteries lose significantly less liquid. They do not need to be topped up, and it is not even possible to do so, as they cannot be opened again without damage.

Für welchen Einsatz ist die intAct Lithium-Power geeignet?

Wohnmobile, Caravan, Motorcaravan, Motorhome, Campingbus, Reisemobil, Alkoven, Campingfahrzeuge
Boats, ships, yachts
wind-power plants
As a power storage for small to medium-sized wind power plants or wind turbines.
Solar applications
Small to medium-sized solar systems/solar applications e.g. in camping, stand-alone operation etc.
Bus, Omnibus, Autobus