Stefan Nebel, born on February 13, 1981 in Velbert, is an outstanding figure in German motorcycle racing. His career is characterized by an impressive track record and his versatile participation in various racing series.

Early years and rise

Stefan Nebel was literally born with a passion for motorcycling, as his father was a motorcycle racer himself. Nebel began riding a Yamaha PW 50 at the tender age of three. He gained his first motorsport experience in motocross until a serious crash prompted him to switch to road racing. He achieved considerable success there at a young age and became German mini-bike champion in 1994 and 1995.

ADAC Junior Cup and promotion to world class

Stefan Nebel's career took off when he competed in the ADAC Junior Cup on an Aprilia RS 125. His breakthrough came in 1997, when he won the title of ADAC Junior Cup champion. This achievement earned him a place in the prestigious Hein-Gericke Junior program.


Stefan Nebel on his bike.

Switch to international racing series

In the course of his career, Stefan Nebel also attracted international attention. In 1998, he ventured into the Supersport World Series on Kawasaki and established himself as a competitive rider. Despite initial challenges, he was able to continuously improve his performance and impressed with solid placings.

German championships and title wins

Stefan Nebel then returned to the German racing scene and successfully took part in the German Supersport Championship. In the following years, he established himself as a permanent fixture in German motorsport and achieved several top placings. His successes in the German Superbike Championship are particularly noteworthy, where he won a total of three titles (2002, 2005, 2006).

Retirement from active racing and transition to commentating

After retiring from active racing in 2007, Stefan Nebel found a new vocation as a test rider for KTM. However, his passion for motorsport remained unbroken, and so he decided to pass on his expertise and experience as a commentator.

Commentator activity

Eurosport: 2015-2018
From summer 2015 to the end of 2018, Stefan Nebel worked as a co-commentator for Eurosport. There he enriched the broadcasts of the Motorcycle World Championship with his expertise and enthusiasm for the sport.

ServusTV and guest commentator
Stefan Nebel has been commentating on the Superbike World Championship on ServusTV since 2019 and has established himself as a permanent fixture there. He has also appeared sporadically as a guest commentator and presenter at the motorcycle world championship races since September 2020.

Stefan Nebel is not only a legend on the racetrack, but also a respected expert and commentator who shares his knowledge and enthusiasm for motorsport with a wide audience.



Racing history / career of Stefan Nebel

Year Competition  
2002 German Supersport Championship Champion
2002 German Supersport Championship Total 2.
2003 German Supersport Championship Champion
2004 German Supersport Championship Total 6.
2005 German Supersport Championship Total 1.
2006 German Supersport Championship Total 4.
2007 German Supersport Championship Total 5.
2015 Commentator for Eurosport  
2019 Commentator and expert on Servus TV