intAct Start-Booster

intAct Start-BoosterLocal independent jump starter

for 12 and 24 volt applications and up to 9,000 A peak starting power in different versions.


  • Lead-acid booster.

    Location-independent jump-starting with high-performance AGM battery. From motorcycles to small trucks and 24-volt applications, some with wheels for easier transport.
  • Lithium Start Booster.

    Location-independent jump-starting aid with lithium polymer battery. Lighter weight than conventional lead start boosters. Rechargeable in 30-40 minutes via USB port. Safety features such as reverse polarity and overheating protection.
  • SuperCap Start Booster.

    Microprocessor-controlled ultra-capacitor without battery uses residual power from low vehicle battery to charge and start. Charges extra fast. Lighter than lead start booster and no battery maintenance.

Item nr. Volt Ampere Length mm Width mm Height mm


Lithium Startbooster 12V / 750A
Volt:12 V
Weight:0,8 kg
Ampere:5,5 AH
Size:192 x 135 x 45 mm
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Lithium Startbooster 12V / 1000A
Volt:12 V
Weight:1,3 kg
Ampere:9,0 AH
Size:192 x 160 x 45 mm
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Intact Start Booster P18-1400
Volt:12 V
Weight:5,8 kg
Size:230 x 130 x 330 mm
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Intact Start Booster P10-2500
Volt:12 V
Weight:12,4 kg
Size:280 x 150 x 340 mm
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Intact Start Booster TRUCK 12/24V
Volt:12/24 V
Weight:26,5 kg
Ampere:2 x 23 Ah
Size:470 x 340 x 580 mm
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Intact Start Booster TRUCK 12/24V
Volt:12/24 V
Weight:39 kg
Ampere:2 x 34 Ah
Size:470 x 340 x 630 mm
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AccessoriesIntact Supercap Startbooster
Gewicht:7 kg
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AccessoriesIntact Supercap Startbooster
Gewicht:9,5 kg
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