intact Battery-Guard

The battery guard for all 12 volt batteries

With the Battery-Guard and the corresponding app, you can check the charge status of your battery quickly and easily on your smartphone. Because only a fully charged vehicle battery will not let you down.


  • For multiple batteries

    Visible display of four different vehicles on one screen. Even more vehicles can be created and used in the background.

    Your advantage: use one app for real-time monitoring of all your vehicles.

  • Very useful additional test functions

    In addition to the starter motor test during the start phase, the charging function is also tested during idling and at high speed.

    Your advantage: In addition to a faulty battery, factors such as a faulty starter,alternator or even a loose drive belt can come into question during the two test functions.

  • Push notification in case of critical voltage drop

    You can make individual settings when selecting the notifications.

    Your advantage: You will always be informed about voltage drops and abnormal starting processes as soon as you are within range of the Battery-Guard.


  • Suitable for all 12V lead-acid (wet, AGM, EFB or GEL) and 12V lithium (LiFePO4) batteries.
  • Monitor four vehicles simultaneously on the screen.
  • Bluetooth version 5.3.
  • App for iOS and Android.
  • No damage possible due to reverse polarity.
  • Power consumption only about 1.5 mA.
  • Very useful additional functions.