On August 12, 2010, not only was a new life born, but also a promising talent in the German motorcycling firmament: Fynn Kratochwil. At the tender age of 4, he sat on a moped for the first time and ignited a passion that would lead him on the road to the German Championship.

Early beginnings on the racetrack:

Fynn took his first steps on the racetrack in sunny Cartagena, Spain. His enthusiasm for motorcycling grew rapidly, and at the age of just 7 he ventured into the prestigious ADAC Pocket Bike Championship. This was to be the start of his impressive career.

ADAC Pocket Bike Cup 2019: Triumph from pole position:

At just 8 years old, Fynn Kratochwil celebrated a significant milestone in his career in 2019. He not only became champion in the ADAC Pocket Bike Cup, but also dominated all races from pole position. An extraordinary success for such a young rider who was already proving his talent at this stage.

International recognition - successes in Spain:

Fynn successfully entered the international stage when he raced impressively in Spain in both the Cuna de Campeones and the RFME (Spanish Championship). With a strong 3rd and 4th place, he showed that his talent is not only nationally competitive, but also on the international stage.

ADAC Mini Bike Beginners' Cup 2020 and Junior Cup 2021:

In 2020, Fynn continued his winning streak and secured the title in the ADAC Mini Bike Beginners' Cup. But that was just the beginning, because in the following year, 2021, he followed up with the next title by winning the ADAC Mini Bike Junior Cup. He once again proved his class and stamina.

Fynn Kratochwil in action.

Further successes: FIM MiniGP Austria Series and World Series: 

The 2022 season brought new challenges and victories. Fynn not only proved himself as champion in the FIM MiniGP Austria Series, but also achieved a remarkable 2nd place in the FIM MiniGP World Series. These successes cemented his position as an up-and-coming talent in international motorcycle racing.

Triumph at home - FIM MiniGP Germany 2023:

Fynn Kratochwil's latest successes were evident in the FIM MiniGP Germany 2023, where he once again emerged as champion. This victory on German soil underlines his versatility and adaptability on different tracks.

Focus on the future:

MotoGP as the ultimate goal: Despite all this success, Fynn Kratochwil remains down-to-earth and has clear goals in mind. His biggest dream is to one day compete in the highest class of motorcycle racing. With his career to date and the continued support of his team, the course is set for a promising future.

Conclusion: Fynn Kratochwil is undoubtedly an up-and-coming talent in German motorcycling. His impressive racing history, from his early years on the racetrack to international successes, bodes well for a promising career. With a clear goal of one day racing in MotoGP, Fynn remains a rider worth following as he continues to ride in the fast lane of success.


Racing history of Fynn Kratochwil

Year Competition  
2019 ADAC Pocket Bike Cup Champion
2020 ADAC Mini Bike Einsteiger Cup Champion
2021 ADAC Mini Bike Cup Champion
2022 FIM MiniGP Austria Series Champion
2022 FIM MiniGP World Series Vice-Champion
2023 FIM MiniGP Germany Champion