Before buying battery


A battery should be durable, have as much power as possible or a lot of capacity for many consumers. But ultimately, the battery must above all fit into the vehicle. Length, width, height, if you know what matters, you will enjoy a battery that fits all around from the start.


The search for the right replacement

For starter batteries, the installation space is crucial, so open the hood and take a look at the conditions. It's best to measure the old battery, because the new one should fit back in.

So how do you measure exactly?

No matter what shape the battery has, protruding poles, recessed poles, bottom bar or even round cell - the absolute mass of the battery always applies.

That is:

  • The absolute length including the lid overhang,
  • the absolute width including the base strips, and
  • the absolute height, i.e. up to the height of the poles, or up to the highest point of the battery if the poles are recessed.

Note circuit

To ensure that the poles are exactly where they should be connected, the circuit plays a role. Simply turn the battery so that the side to which the poles are closest points to your own body. Of course, keep it upright while doing this, although a short-term tilt of up to 45° should not be a problem with any battery. The decisive factor is now on which side the positive pole is, on the right or left, or even sometimes at the front, e.g. with a US front pole battery.

Individual planning instead of predefined installation space

If you do not want to replace a battery, but select one for the first time, for example for a special vehicle construction or a custom bike, you start from the available space. Here, for many applications, there are batteries that are particularly compact, for example pure lead batteries that still provide a lot of starting power with smaller dimensions or round cells with wound grids that provide a lot of capacity in a small space in the supply and traction.

If it has to be particularly light and small, the lithium battery is the best choice with a lot of starting power and very high, completely usable capacity in the smallest space.

When choosing a battery, dimensions are usually the last thing on your mind. But what good is the greatest battery if it does not fit in the vehicle.