Battery care


If you want a high-performance battery at all times, "out of sight, out of mind" is not a solution. After all, according to ADAC breakdown statistics, a good 46% of all breakdowns are due to battery problems. With absolutely maintenance-free batteries, there is no need for fluid checks.


Maintenance is not the same as care!

Maintenance = Refill water

Classic batteries lose liquid during normal operation. The electrolyte level must be checked regularly and, if necessary, topped up with distilled water. This is called maintenance. Modern batteries are designed in such a way that they actually no longer lose electrolyte.

Care = Performance maintenance

To maintain performance, the magic word is "charging". Only when there is enough charge in the battery, it can operate the necessary consumers and, for example, start the vehicle. The uncomplicated solution: Recharge the battery twice a year with a suitable charger.

More about this under: Proper charging with video and step by step instructions.

Care = Precaution

Not all battery problems can be remedied by recharging. Therefore, during the battery care routine, just look after the battery in general. Check the battery box, the fit of the clamps and the condition of the poles.

What else can be read from the outside of the battery about its condition as well as tips for precaution against premature aging of the battery here under: Visual inspection.

Even absolutely maintenance-free batteries age. With a little care, you can protect your battery from premature aging.