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What the cold start performance says
Starter batteries primarily have to start the vehicle. To do this, they must deliver as much current as possible during the starting process, so the battery's high-current characteristics are important. The cold cranking amps (CCA) value provides information …
What are truck batteries
Batteries in trucks, commercial vehicles, agricultural machines and buses have to be vibration resistant due to engine vibrations. Our truck batteries in SHD versions are vibration resistant according to V3, like intAct Start-Power NG Truck, or V4, like …
Installing the starter battery or motorcycle battery
First connect the positive cable (usually red) to the positive terminal of the battery. Then connect the negative cable (usually black) to the negative terminal of the battery. If you install a start-stop battery, you must then register the battery in the vehicle system.
Always choose a battery that matches the load
Depending on the type of battery, it is designed for certain loads: Starter batteries must deliver as much current as possible during the starting process. The cold start current, measured in CCA, is informative here and shows how much starting power …
What do discoloured plugs mean?
A brown-reddish discoloration of the plugs indicates an overcharging of the battery and a fault in the charging system. Tip: Your workshop can check whether your charge controller is working properly. Tip: Check the function and characteristics of your …
Always choose the right battery for the application
When choosing a battery, it basically depends on what it is to be used for. The most important distinction is between starter batteries, including motorcycle batteries, and cyclic batteries such as traction or supply batteries. Starter batteries, including …
Care should be taken when handling batteries
Chemical processes take place in batteries. They are influenced by external circumstances such as temperature or humidity. That is why it is worth taking care. During use, storage, installation and transport. For your own protection and for the protection …
The order of disconnection and connection
The negative terminal is connected to the body, hence the name grounding. If you accidentally touch the positive terminal and the body at the same time when the negative terminal is connected, e.g. with a metallic tool, a short circuit could occur that …
Why does this battery have such a good current draw?
Due to the AGM technology, this battery absorbs the current particularly well, i.e. it recharges faster than a conventional wet battery and you can charge it with a higher charging current or a more powerful charger, like the ? This characteristic comes …
What does low maintenance mean?
Low-maintenance batteries can be recognised by the removable sealing plugs on the top, the vent hose and the white or transparent housing. In these batteries, the electrolyte is in liquid form, i.e. it is not bound as GEL or in fleece. They are not sealed …

What is a starter battery?

A battery that is charged by the alternator and starts the vehicle. For this purpose, the starter motor requires a lot of current for a short time. In addition to the cold start capacity (CCA), which indicates how much current the battery can ideally supply, the properties of a battery influence how reliably it can provide this starting power. A battery with very good charging properties recharges more quickly, for example, which benefits vehicles in city traffic in particular. It also supplies the consumers in vehicles without an additional back-up battery or supply battery. The more electrical consumers are installed at the factory or retrofitted, the more capacity is required to supply them when the vehicle is idling or at an engine stop and still reliably restart the vehicle.



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