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Why does this battery have such a good current draw?
Due to the AGM technology, this battery absorbs the current particularly well, i.e. it recharges faster than a conventional wet battery and you can charge it with a higher charging current or a more powerful charger, like the ? This characteristic comes …
Checking the battery step by step
There are many reasons for weakening or failing batteries. An important step in tracking them down is to measure the voltage with a battery tester. Here's how: 1. preparation Disconnect the battery from the vehicle, if possible remove it. Tips on how …
Charging correctly step by step
Tip: For full performance: Charge before first installation! 1. preparation Check that your charger matches the battery. Does the charger support the correct charging voltage? Does the charging current provided match the battery? What charging curve …
Removing the starter battery or motorcycle battery
If you want to remove a start-stop battery: inform the vehicle system before removal. First disconnect the negative cable (usually black), also called ground or earth, from the negative terminal of the battery. Then remove the positive cable (usually red) from the positive terminal of the battery.
What do deposits on the battery plugs mean?
Black deposits on the plugs indicate a battery that has worn out prematurely due to continuous excessive load. Tip: Always ensure a good balance between current drain and charging. Information on capacity calculations and charging behaviour can be found …
Do I need an EFB or AGM start-stop battery?
If an EFB start-stop battery is installed at the factory, it can be replaced again with an EFB start-stop battery. An upgrade to AGM is always possible. If an AGM start-stop battery is installed at the factory, it may only be replaced with an AGM start-stop …
What does low maintenance mean?
Low-maintenance batteries can be recognised by the removable sealing plugs on the top, the vent hose and the white or transparent housing. In these batteries, the electrolyte is in liquid form, i.e. it is not bound as GEL or in fleece. They are not sealed …
Cleanliness pays off
To ensure proper battery function, it makes sense to keep the battery surface clean and dry. Greasy or silicone-containing dirt on the lid can hinder the flow of current. Moisture on the battery can cause a short circuit in the worst case.
Our absolutely maintenance-free motorcycle batteries
intAct Bike-Power AGM, intAct Bike-Power SLA, intAct Bike-Power GEL, intAct Bike-Power HVT and intAct Bike-Power GEL HVT-HD are valve regulated lead-acid batteries or VRLA batteries (VRLA=Valve Regulated Lead-Acid). VRLA batteries produce much less gas …
Why should you charge wet batteries open?
Gases are produced during charging. As they rise, they mix the battery acid. It is better for the battery if it is open during this process. Important: This only applies to initial charging and to all batteries that can be opened. Never open a battery by force!

What is a starter battery?

A battery that is charged by the alternator and starts the vehicle. For this purpose, the starter motor requires a lot of current for a short time. In addition to the cold start capacity (CCA), which indicates how much current the battery can ideally supply, the properties of a battery influence how reliably it can provide this starting power. A battery with very good charging properties recharges more quickly, for example, which benefits vehicles in city traffic in particular. It also supplies the consumers in vehicles without an additional back-up battery or supply battery. The more electrical consumers are installed at the factory or retrofitted, the more capacity is required to supply them when the vehicle is idling or at an engine stop and still reliably restart the vehicle.



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