Achieving Success With Heart & Mind

Heinz Keckeisen laid the foundations for the company in the 1970s. Stefan Keckeisen then made the company what it is today: one of the best places to turn to for starter and industrial batteries. Keckeisen Accumulators has been on the German and European market for the past 40 years. And with great success: high quality standards and solutions tailored to the customer’s individual needs are the strengths of the Memmingen-based company.

The proprietary battery brand “intAct” was founded in 1995. Since then, “intAct” has secured an excellent position on the market. The brand has established itself in the medium price range and features very high quality standards. It gives customers a genuine alternative to other brand-name manufacturers. The intAct motorcycle battery was the only battery to receive an “very good” rating, making it the winner of the “Motorrad” magazine comparison test last year.