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Traction batteries
Traktion-Power 2018

Traktion-Power traction battery

Thanks to their excellent high-voltage properties, the batteries of the intAct Traction Power series are particularly suitable for mobile lifting platforms, cleaning equipment, recreational use and many other traction applications.

intAct Traction-Power batteries are impressive with their excellent price/performance ratio. Reinforced specially insulated grid plates with high mass utilisation allow maximum capacity reserves. As your partner for system solutions, we naturally offer the suitable chargers for recharging the sealed lead/acid batteries.

Product line
intAct Traktion-Power, Traction batteries 12 V + 6 V
intAct Traktion-Power Pro, Traktionsbatterien 6 V + 8 V + 12 V
from 6 V 175 AH to 6 V 215 AH and
from 8 V 145 AH to 8 V 190 AH and
from 12 V 40 AH to 12 V 180 AH
Block battery, grid plates, sealed, low maintenance
OEM quality

Number of cycles
intAct Traktion-Power: 300 cycles according to IEC 254-1
intAct Traktion-Power Pro:700 Zyklen nach IEC 254-1

Durable, safe and reliable

> Golf caddies
> electric wheelchairs
> electric cars
> mobile lifting platforms
> car audio
> recreational and sports vehicles
> electric boats