inbatt K-Serie
inbatt K-Series
inbatt K-Serie

inbatt K-Series

Versatile and price-conscious

Easy to use, high quality and powerful devices for numerous charging characteristics for charging different traction batteries, also adaptable for lithium.
High-frequency chargers for closed and sealed lead-acid batteries (Flooded, GEL, AGM, tubular plate) and adaptable for lithium batteries etc.

  • High-frequency charger in high quality workmanship.
  • Characteristic curves for flooded battery (grid and tubular plate), GEL, AGM and on request customer-side characteristic curves e.g. for lithium batteries.
  • Special characteristic curve for desulphation.
  • Also suitable for deeply discharged batteries.
  • Characteristic curve, voltage, charging current adjustable via the display.
  • Viualisation of the charging progress.
  • Power supply function.
  • Housing with wall and cable holder.
  • Charging status clearly visible via large-area LED colouring.