Extrem batteries

Thanks to the smart utilisation of AGM technology, the Odyssey battery combines the best properties of two inherently different battery types in a trendsetting way. 

Specifically, Odyssey batteries can be almost totally depleted while still rendering extraordinary starting performances. Odyssey batteries are capable of supplying a peak starting current of up to 2250 A for five seconds as well as provide 400 charging/discharging cycles of up to 80% of their original capacity. Conventional starter batteries are only able to do either one or the other. Only Odyssey batteries provide both advantages in one design: brief and extreme high-peak starting voltages and discharges with low load currents for a certain period.


Type Capacity c20 Capacity c10
of terminal
mm L x B x H 
12 V 15 AH
12 V 14 AH
-  +
200 x 77 x 140
PC950 12 V 34 AH 12 V 32 AH -  + 250 x 97 x 156
PC1100 12 V 45 AH 12 V 43 AH -  + 250 x 97 x 206

> Tuning cars
> Racing cars
> Muscle cars