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Traction batteries
Traktion-Power PZS 2018

Traktion-Power PZS traction battery

The intAct Traction-Power/PZS series batteries are also suitable for use in a rough environment, especially for golf carts, cleaning equipment, mobile lifting platforms, electric lifting trucks as well as many other traction applications.

The armour plate/tubular plate battery design results in superior stability and strength. As your partner for system solutions, we also offer the suitable chargers for recharging the sealed lead/acid batteries.

Product line
Traction batteries PZS 12 V + 6 V
from 6 V 175 AH to 6 V 210 AH und
from 12 V 55 AH to 1 2V 180 AH
Block battery, tubular plates, sealed, low maintenance
OEM quality
Number of cycles
1.000 cycles according IEC 254-1
Durable, safe and reliable


> Golf caddies
> electric wheelchairs
> electric vehicles
> mobile lifting platforms
> car audio
> recreational and sports vehicles
> electric boats
> cleaning equipment

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