Test-Power BRT-12

The new BRT-12 battery-changing device

A simple solution to problems encountered when changing car batteries. Changing batteries has become more difficult because nowadays, batteries are more tightly integrated into the vehicle management system. To meet the needs of customers, many manufacturers of diagnosis devices have developed software updates to enable users to replace and handle the new generation of batteries. Smaller workshops without diagnosis devices require support when changing batteries for vehicles in which the vehicle management system needs to be reset. To meet this need, and for larger workshops that require more of these devices, we now have the BRT-12 in our product range – an easy to use and cost-effective battery-changing device.



> Simple handling
> Only a small amount of time required
> Suitable for all brands of battery
> An excellent price-performance ratio

> Passenger cars – latest generation of vehicles: VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Skoda