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Thanks to their excellent capacity uptake, the intact Solar-Power series batteries are particularly suitable for smaller and medium-range solar applications.

intAct Solar-Power batteries impress with their excellent price-performance ratio. Reinforced specially insulated grid plates with high mass utilisation ensure maximum capacity reserves. As your partner for system solutions, we also offer the suitable chargers for recharging the sealed lead/acid batteries.

Product line
intAct Solar-Power, 12 V + 6 V solar batteries
from 12 V 55 AH to 6 V 280 AH
Block battery – grid plates – sealed – low maintenance
Filled and charged
Dry pre-charged 
OEM quality
Number of cycles
300 cycles according to IEC 254-1
Durable, safe and reliable

> Solar uses
> Campers
> Construction site illumination
> Photovoltaic systems
> Sail boats
> Motor yachts
> Recreational uses

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