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AGM-Power 2018

AGM Power

The intAct AGM-Power series is the power pack among long-life batteries. These batteries were specially developed for the latest generation of vehicles with extremely high energy consumption.

As one of the first suppliers on the replacement market, we are offering these batteries at a reasonable price/performance ratio. This battery achieves its extraordinary capacity thanks to the electrolyte set in a fibreglass separator and the recombination technology of the vent caps.

These batteries are used in recreational vehicles as well as for a number of smaller solar and supply applications.

Product line
Intact AGM-Power, 12 V AGM batteries
from 12 V 55 AH to 12 V 200 AH
AGM technology – grid plates – sealed – completely maintenance free
Cycle stability
300 charging cycles
Fibreglass separators – electrolyte set in glass fibres
Recombination technology with vent caps

> Passenger cars
> Agricultural machinery
> Tractors
> Buses
> Construction equipment
> Recreational and sports vehicles
> Sail boats
> Motor yachts
> Electric boats
> Electric wheelchairs