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Starter batteries
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Start Power

The intAct Start-Power batteries are impressive with their perfect price-performance ratio as well as a complete product line.


Start-Power batteries are available filled and charged (calcium/calcium technology) as well as dry and pre-charged (hybrid technology).

Use of select materials and special alloys result in superior capacity performance as well as extreme high current capability of the intAct Start-Power series.

intAct Start-Power batteries are used in all passenger cars, trucks and agricultural machinery. Our intAct Start-Power batteries are also used by a number of original equipment manufacturers and construction equipment manufacturers.

Product line
Intact Start-Power, 12 V starter batteries
from 12 V 32 AH to 12 V 225 AH
Filled = calcium/calcium technology
Dry = Hybrid/calcium alloy
Top starting performance, durable, safe and reliable

> Passenger cars
> Trucks
> Agricultural machinery
> Tractors
> Buses
> Construction equipment