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Starter batteries
Race-Power 2018


No compromise for the new intAct Race-Power series either in terms of  durability or in terms  of  the price-performance ratio.

intAct Race-Power batteries are completely maintenance-free, high-performance     accumulators manufactured on the basis of the new calcium/calcium  3DX  grid  technology. The  use  of  eight  different case sizes allows the replacement of up to 90 % of all common batteries. This has been made possible  by constructing a battery  with  an  improved performance of up to 15 % above the EN standard. These batteries are used for all common starter  

Product line
Intact Race-Power starter batteries 12 V
from 12 V 45 AH to 12 V 100 AH
Calcium/calcium 3DX grid technology,
completely sealed and maintenance free, double cover
Eight battery types cover 90% of all passenger car batteries

> Passenger cars
> trucks
> agricultural machinery
> tractors
> buses
> construction equipment