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Gel-Power 2018


The intAct gel-power delivers secure a maximum supply energy for high cyclical stress in professional applications.

It is ideal as a buffer for irregular charging and discharging processes such as, for example, with solar-powered applications. Thanks to the higher lifespan compared to traditional batteries, the intAct gel-power is also efficient from an economical point of view.

The robust construction combined with the specific benefits of the gel technology makes the intAct gel-power highly shock resistant.

Product line
intAct Gel-Power, gel batteries 12 V + 6 V + 4 V
from 12 V 28 AH to 6 V 330 AH
Gel technology – grid plates – sealed – completely maintenance-free
Low self-discharge – completely maintenance free
OEM quality
Number of cycles
500 cycles according to IEC 254-1

> Passenger cars
> Trucks
> Agricultural machinery
> Tractors
> Buses
> Construction equipment
> Car audio
> Recreational and sports vehicles
> Sail boats
> Motor yachts
> Electric boats
> US cars