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Fronius Acctiva

Fronius Acctiva

Blazing red design, innovative chargers and charging system - made in Austria.

Much smaller and light weight than traditional chargers; the Fronius Acctiva lets you additionally test, examine and even temporarily replace batteries; a true battery manager, universal and easy to use. The Fronius Professional is a device for hard-core professional use in workshops. It is suitable for any battery types with a voltage of 6 V, 12 V and 24 V. All Fronius chargers are equipped with integrated high-frequency technology performance electronics and state of the art technology. A microprocessor controls the charging process and monitors all other functions of the device. The clearly arranged LCD display regularly supplies information about the charging status of the battery.

  • Made in Austria
  • Primarily clocked charger
  • Reverse battery protected
  • Short circuit-proof
  • Overload protected